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Title: Πως να φτιαξετε μια χιονοτρυπα
Post by: blades on 21 Jul, 2011, 18:04:27
Πως να φτιαξετε μια χιονοτρυπα / καταφυγιο αναγκης
Title: Re: Πως να φτιαξετε μια χιονοτρυπα
Post by: blades on 21 Jul, 2011, 18:05:01
              Building a Snow Cave (                                                                   by John (                                                  Snow Cave — Ah… There is nothing   quite as satisfying as building your own shelter and living in it. For   us, snow caves are so fun they are an annual, winter camping event.   Click on the links below for more detailed info.
Recommended Gear
• Lightweight shovels, long and short handles
  • Sticks or a ski pole
  • Door cover (backpack, etc.)
  • Large tarp to cover the floor
  • Wear waterproof layers
  • Appropriate camping gear
Choosing Your Snow Cave Location (
• The outside height should be at least 4 or 5 feet so decide whether to build a pile, dig in or dig down
  • Make sure the area is safe from avalanches
  • Mark the roof area with noticeable markings (ski poles, etc.)
Piling a Snow Cave (
• Plan for 3 hours to create an adequate snow pile
  • For two adults measure a 10 foot circle (5 foot radius). For more than   two people, just add 2 feet to the diameter for each adult. Stretch the   shape if it will be wider than 16 ft.
  • Use a tarp for dragging snow to the pile
  • Pile 2 feet higher than you want the inside height to be
  • Let the pile sit for 2 hours before digging into it
Digging Out a Snow Cave (
• Plan for about 3 hours to dig the snow cave.
  • Wear layers so you can shed insulation when you get hot from shoveling. Avoid sweating so you stay warm and dry.
  • Keep the door small, about 24-30 inches wide and tall
  • Depth check the wall thickness every 2-3 feet around the outside of the wall where you are digging
  • Carve from the top down
  • Leave the depth check holes for ventilation or create a vent
Sleeping in a Snow Cave (
• Leave a few inches of snow on the floor for insulation and make sure the floor is higher than the door
  • Lay down a waterproof tarp first
  • Lay down thick padding and insulate your sleeping bag with a blanket
  • Keep the snow cave door easy to uncover
  • Properly ventilate the snow cave
  • Be prepared for a roof collapse
Safety First
Temperature: make sure it is 34 degrees Fahrenheit or lower (1 degree   Celsius) outside or your snow cave will shrink, crack and possibly even   collapse during the night.
Top Heavy: Snow is heavy and the ceiling will collapse if the weight   is not supported. The base should be the thickest part of the snow cave   (2-3 feet) and the walls should be about 18 inches thick. Wide, short   snow cave piles are more prone to collapse.
On Top: The roofs of snow shelters are unpredictable. Do not stand on   top of the snow cave when there are people inside. On public land, you   should destroy the ceiling and upper walls of the cave if you will be   leaving it unattended because other people may accidentally fall through   the ceiling—so be curteous.
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Post by: blades on 21 Jul, 2011, 18:05:39
              Winter Camping (                                                                   by John (                                                  Winter Camping — Winter camping isn’t just for boy scouts. If you are prepared, camping in the cold can be relaxing and uniquely fun.
For most areas, winter camping will be quite similar to a regular camping trip except with a few important additions to your camping gear (
Avoid hypothermia by staying dry. Wear a synthetic layer next to the   skin to help wick away excess moisture. If you’ll be in the snow or   bitter cold, wear insulated, waterproof boots, multiple thin, light   layers and a water repellant outer shell for your jacket and pants.   Warm, heat-trapping hats and gloves are a must.
Normally, your body can endure very low temperatures—if you’re dry.   In the summer, sweat helps release excess heat from your body. In the   winter, being wet will drain your body heat faster than you can produce   it.
“Just add water” meals are the most convenient and may be the only   thing you can realistically prepare when surrounded by heavy snow. Load   up on high-energy meals and snacks to help your body stay warm. Before   you go, double check the label to see if your cooking stove can handle   the cold temperatures.
Try to plan your trip without relying on fire. A fire is great if you   have to warm someone up, but you’ll have more freedom if you don’t need   to rely on one for cooking or staying warm.
Drink water. Pay attention to how thirsty you are. Keep water from   freezing by keeping it from getting cold like in an insulated jug. You   may actually prefer drinking room temperature water when it’s cold.
A three-season tent may suffice if the temperature is above freezing,   but for temperatures below freezing you’ll probably need a real   four-season tent.
If you have at least a foot of snow a snow cave will be a comfortable but laborious option. See our popular guide on snow shelters ( for more information.
Make sure you will be in a sleeping bag that is rated for   temperatures below what the weather report predicts. You can help   yourself stay warm at night by loading up on calories before you go to   bed because they will melt away quickly when you are sleeping in cold   temperatures.
Safety First
Check the weather and make sure the area you are going is open, has   access and your vehicle is suited to the journey. Make sure friends or   family know exactly where you are and have a Plan B in case things go   south with the geese.
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Post by: blades on 21 Jul, 2011, 18:06:23
           Camping                                                             MOST POPULAR CAMPING ARTICLES
1. Building a Snow Cave (
  Complete instructions for building and sleeping in a genuine snow cave.
2. Buying Your First Tent (
  With a few thousand to choose from, it helps to have a little advice.
3. Cooking Outdoors (
  No dishwasher, no appliances, no electricity… I think you can still pull it off.
What is a Snow Cave? ( – Snow forts are not just for kids. Snow caves can be the ultimate winter camping experience.
Camping Gear Checklist ( – A comprehensive list of camping gear you can use to double check before you leave the house.
Winter Camping ( – Use this checklist to make sure you remember everything.
• Building a Snow Cave (
  • Choosing a Snow Cave Location (
  • Piling a Snow Cave (
  • Digging Out a Snow Cave (
  • Sleeping in a Snow Cave (
  • Cooking Outdoors (
  • Buying Your First Tent (
  • Camping Gear Checklist (
  • Camping Gear – Comforts (
  • Camping Gear – Fire (
  • Camping Gear – Necessities (
  • Camping Gear – Protection (
  • Winter Camping Tips (
  • What is a snow cave? (
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ελληνικα δεν εχει?
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Avoid hypothermia by staying dry. Wear a synthetic layer next to the   skin to help wick away excess moisture :( :hehehe: :O "|
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καλως ηλθες στο φορουμ . welcome to snowguide forum